We are proud to offer a specialized service at Newport Beach Chiropractic & Wellness called Stretch. Our therapeutic assisted stretch sessions are for active, injured, everyday people looking to:


  • Increase mobility & flexibility
  • Restore impaired muscle function
  • Reduce pain & recovery time
  • Improve posture & lengthen muscles
  • Optimize athletic performance


Unlike any other, our stretch sessions also include the highly sought after Hypervolt deep tissue muscle massager to help break up knots/adhesions and relieve muscle tension.




Our basic stretch that focuses on target areas that may need it most (core, back, shoulders, hips etc). This is a great option if you are looking to improve your range of motion and alleviate muscle tightness resulting from everyday life stresses.



Our more comprehensive stretch that focuses on target areas, plus all major muscle groups and extremities. An ideal option for anyone struggling with muscle soreness, injury, or achy, stiff joints.



In June 2018 we welcomed the newest member of our wellness team, Stretch Specialist, Chris Cohen. A California native, Chris has a true passion for the health and wellness industry. As a Soul Cycle Instructor in Newport Beach and San Diego, and a NASM certified personal trainer with an elite clientele, Chris is accustomed to creating a community of energy and trust. He’s here to loosen things up, reduce tension, and help you live better with more freedom of movement.


Book your customized Stretch session today (949) 722-6222.




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