This is why I love what I do! Thank you for your testimonials. -Dr. Gus

I have been to chiropractors all my life. My uncle was a chiropractor so as children we went to my uncle so when I give my testimonial about Dr. Gus, I have many chiropractors to compare him to! Dr. Gus is the most wonderful chiropractor ever! He is also kind and gentle and he listens...He genuinely cares about his patients. I have brought my entire family to Dr. Gus including my son-in-law that had broken his back and never would let a chiropractor touch his spine. And, now he regularly sees Dr. Gus and feels great relief. Also, at 6 months old we started taking my grandson to Dr. Gus for adjustments (and still do). My grandson just giggles when Dr. Gus adjusts him. What a great way to make sure that a young child is given every opportunity to experience health and well being, especially while his bones are still forming and aligning. My husband and 73-year-old mom love Dr. Gus, too. Additionally, all the people that we have referred to Dr. Gus love him. I know without a doubt that if you wanted to give Dr. Gus a try, you would be extremely happy! You will love Dr. Gus!! -Anne M.

I have nothing but the highest praise for Dr. Gus. These days, finding a chiropractor you can trust is as difficult as finding a good car mechanic. For years, I've suffered from a chronic pinched nerve in my neck. My hands tingle, burn and go numb. Before Dr. Gus, I'd seen numerous chiropractors and received varied results. Mostly they absently nodded at my questions, and either dismissed or ignored my latest symptoms. They eyed their watch the entire time, after which I was wrestled with and mangled like so much meat, then shuffled along like a can of sardines in a packing factory. If you want relief, PLEASE SEE Dr. Gus. I have never met a chiropractor as concerned about a patient's well-being, and who is as intent on listening and tailoring treatment to their specific needs. -Kevin L.

I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Gus for my neck and upper back pain that was bothering me for two months. My medical doctor gave me pills which I hate taking so I wanted to try chiropractic. I started seeing Dr. Gus a month ago and I am pain free, but more importantly I have learned alot about natural health! I also learned about natural supplements not synthetic store bought ones. I HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Gus. I have referred my friends and family and we love being on his wellness care. -Brittney S.

I felt a huge difference after just a week. I've never been to a chiropractor that massages the area so that the body "smoothly" cracks. The whole experience is really comfortable and easy, he doesn't sell you on anything he just works on your body and wants you to feel great and I love that. Great chiropractor! -Lisa O.

I've been going to chiropractors for a long time and Dr. Gus is one of the best! I have ongoing problems with my neck and back and every time I go in, Dr. Gus knows exactly where I need adjusting. I can always count on him to relieve the pain. And on top of it, he is a great listener and friend. -Alycia L.

Trying out new chiropractors always make me nervous because you don't know their style or how they will adjust you. The moment I met Dr. Gus, I was immediately put at ease. He was very personable and his office is private. He only treats one customer at a time, which is big for me. Some places herd you in and out like cattle, but Dr. Gus takes his time. He started the session with measuring the tension in my back using some weird electro-magnetic contraption. After some thorough explanation about how my back is screwed up, he proceeded with a deep tissue massage around my neck area to loosen the muscle tension. He then ended it with one of the best adjustments I have ever had. He's very intuitive and it's obvious he knows exactly what he's doing. He does not use sharp, jerking force when he's adjusting. It's all very fluid and natural. And the best part? SATURDAY APPOINTMENTS!!! Yay!! I'm here to stay. -Jerome W.

AMAZING chiropractor!!!! I feel so much better when I visit Dr. Gus once a week. He is a specialist in his field and always gets rid of my headaches. I tend to clench my teeth when I sleep and am a sucker for wearing heels for work. The combo leaves my neck in knots. After regular visits with Dr. Gus I feel relaxed and tension free and no headaches. I highly recommend him to anyone with back or neck issues. He is BEYOND amazing. Also if you don't have a lot of time. You can be in and out of his office for an adjustment in 15 minutes. If you have neck or back pain go see him right away. Dr. Gus, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thanks for your care. -Marianne

Dr. Gus is the best! He is the kindest, most sincere person I have ever met. I can only say nice things about him. I have been going to him for over a year now. Not only does he fix my back when I am in pain, he will also make sure my son's alignment is correct. I started to bring my son who loves to fly down the stairs when he was 6 months old. He has never cried once! He actually laughs during the adjustment! I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better. -Kelly C.

I initially started going to see Dr. Gus for neck pain and stiffness that was not getting better no matter what I did. I tried physical therapy and I hated taking pain killers. Out of desperation I met Dr. Gus at a health fair and decided to make an appointment. After 2 weeks of care not only did my neck pain resolve, but an even more amazing experience occurred. I was hard of hearing on my right tear for 10 years and always had to have the T.V. and radio much higher than most people. I felt my hearing on the right was significantly reduced and all the ear specialists said that there was nothing wrong inside of my ear. After 2 weeks of care my hearing was fully restored after suffering for 10 years!! I was explained by Dr. Gus that the nerves control the entire body and that the nerves that went to the ear could have been the reason why I had this experience. I am thankful every day for Dr. Gus and how he changed my life! I love chiropractic and am happier than ever, I have told everyone I know about Dr. Gus! -John K.

I am on wellness care with Dr. Gus. I get adjusted once per week. I have been on this program for 2 years now and I have never felt as healthy and energetic. -Joan J.

I suffered from neck and back pain for many years. The pain only got worse after I started working as an attorney due to the stress. There were days when I would wake up and not be able to turn my head to either side, any attempt caused shooting pain. Sometimes this condition would last for days or weeks. I would also suffer from headaches, including migraines, when I could not get relief from the pain. I looked everywhere for relief; I saw doctors, tried stretching and various over the counter and homeopathic remedies, but found no relief. I became resigned to the fact that I would just have to deal with the pain and discomfort. That was until I met Dr. Gus. I had been skeptical about chiropractors all of my life. I had considered seeing a chiropractor when I could find no other solution for my paid, but my doctors and family advised against it and expressed concern, it seems now, largely due to ignorance. About three years ago I met Dr. Gus while he was performing spinal scans at my gym. We discussed my issues and he convinced me to give chiropractic a try. Reluctantly, I made an appointment. I did not think that the adjustments would relieve my pain, but I figured that it could not hurt (that much). To my surprise, the adjustment was not painful or uncomfortable as I expected. More importantly, I noticed some immediate relief for my pain and stiff neck. Obviously, it was not an immediate cure, but I saw potential. I went in for adjustments a few times a week for a few months. To my amazement, as a result of Dr. Gus' magic hands, the pain dramatically decreased and the headaches (especially the migraines) have all but disappeared. In addition, I rarely ever woke up with a stiff neck, and on the few occasions when I woke up with a stiff neck, I would go in for an adjustment, which would provide immediate relief for much of the discomfort. I have continued to visit Dr. Gus for adjustments on a regular basis ever since. I cannot say enough about Dr. Gus. It was Dr. Gus, not chiropractic's in general, that was the key to my improvement. When I met Dr. Gus he was working for another chiropractor's office. Adjustments were performed by Dr. Gus as well as the chiropractor who owned the office and another chiropractor who was hired a few months later. I was not fond of being adjusted by the other doctors, even the "boss," because they just didn't have the same touch as Dr. Gus, they each have a different style and method; I didn't get as good of an adjustment from them and would not feel as much relief. I would always try to have Dr. Gus adjust me; sometimes I would even say I had to go to the bathroom to avoid being treated by the other doctors. When I could not avoid being treated by the other doctors, I would regularly ask Dr. Gus to re-do the treatment when he was done with the patient he was seeing. I have since been treated by a few other chiropractors when out of town, but I have no hesitation in saying that I prefer to be treated by Dr. Gus. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to mislead anyone into thinking that being treated by Dr. Gus once or twice will "cure" all of your problems, life just doesn't work that way. There is still the occasional pain, headache or stiff neck, but they are much less frequent. When I have one of those days, I can't wait to see Dr. Gus because I know that I will feel better after being treated. Dr. Gus is a great, warm and friendly person who truly cares about his patients. I have no reservation in giving Dr. Gus my highest recommendation. -Evan G.

Dr. Gus is a very skilled Chiropractor, he is very personable and asks what may be bothering you. He does not crack you cold either, which I have unfortunately had. He does deep tissue massage to make sure your muscles are warmed up for the adjustment. Snap, Crack, Pop and I walk out straighter, my neck pain is gone and my pelvis is even. Dr. Gus takes me from feeling like Quasimodo to a graceful ballerina. Dr. Gus rocks! -Schuyler

Prior to meeting Dr. Gus I had headaches EVERY day for 5 years. I saw every specialist for this condition and no one had a clue what was wrong with me. When I met Dr. Gus at the gym he told me that he may be able to help me with my headaches by adjusting my upper neck. He explained that the upper neck bones, if they are misaligned put pressure on the nerves that go to the head and can cause headaches. I decided to try chiropractic and my headaches are completely gone! I have not had a headache since I started seeing Dr. Gus! People do not need to suffer like I did! Thank you Dr. Gus! -Jeff A.

I suffered from low back pain for years since a work injury years prior and had pain daily. I was told that I needed surgery and that I would suffer daily if I did not have surgery. The medications I tried made me sick to my stomach. I decided to try chiropractic since I felt there was nothing else to do. Within a few visits I started to feel better and my pain was gone! I could not believe how quickly Dr. Gus corrected my spine! I am now on maintenance care and am so thankful I did not have surgery! This has changed my life as I am a much happier person towards my family and friends. I am also working out now again as I wasn't able to for years! THANK YOU DR. GUS!! -Pam A.

I have been going to Dr. Gus for about a year and only have great things to say about not only his work ethic but his knowledge of sports nutrition as well as therapy. It is very rare that you find someone helpful as Gus. I can't imagine going to any other chiropractor and look forward to my next visit. -Raul V.

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